Double Entry Water Dosage Device(YEDSU-02)
çift girişli su dozajlama

Double Entry Liquid Dosage Our device transfers up to 60 degrees of liquid with 0.01% tolerance ratio.

With our state-of-the-art electronic equipments, we have many features such as adjusting degree of the liquid, displaying the degree of liquid in real time, and starting the litter from the electricity interruption.

Dual Entry Liquid Dosing device care does not require.

Technical Specifications

Width(mm) Height(mm) Liter Capacity Weight Guarantee duration Change in case of deterioration
260mm 350mm 0-99,9999 LT. 5kg. 2 Year. New device sending
Required Energy 220V(AC) Max degree of working 60©(Degree) Control Solenoid Valf 220V (AC)
Entry Type 3/4 DN20 (Opsional) Degree indicator Available.
Electric Interruption Memory Retention Available. Start with the remaining liter Available. Tolerance %0.01
Box Contents: Backup fuse Wall Bracket Attachment Wall Mounting Screw Using guide Guarantee doc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Double entry water dosing device produced by Yedi Ekim Elektronik is guaranteed by our company for 2 years.

Installation of Double Inlet Water Dosing The installation of the is very simple, you only need to connect the lines from the hot and cold water installation you need to the hot and cold water inlet at the entrance of the water dosing unit.

Press and hold the "SET" key on the bottom left corner of the digital panel for 3 seconds, the numbers on the display flash Point to the number you want to transfer enter the desired liter with the button.
Press the "SET" button "2" times to finish setting the liters.

| 1 | Make sure that the device is energy plugged in.
| 2 | Make sure the energy is coming and check the fuse box.
| 3 | Check that the glass fuse in the is secure by opening the "FUSE " fuse cover under the power input cable of the device.

Faulted device will be replaced with a new one device and will be delivered cargo with on the three work day .